Grease Trap Cleaning

The Septic Doctor specializes in grease trap cleaning and maintenance in and around the Greater Richmond Area. If you own a business than you know that grease traps can be a huge problem for restaurants or kitchens if they are not cleaned on a regular basis. Our team of professionals are skilled to preform grease trap maintenance on a routine basis to keep all of the drains clean and clear so their is never a nasty back-up that could potentially shut down your restaurant or kitchen.

How do Grease Traps Work?


Grease traps work by capturing all fats, oils, and grease.  Over time the waste builds in a grease trap both as a floating layer and a settled layer.  When the layers build to a point where there is no wastewater in the system, grease will either back up in the reasturant or start out flowing to the main sewer line.

If you are a business looking for reliable grease trap maintenance program, contact us today.


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