Septic Pumping

The Septic Doctor has over 25 years of experience with septic pumping.  Septic systems should be pumped on average every 3-5 years depending on usage.  In Virginia, the legislation passed a law stating that septic systems within the Chesapeake Bay watershed should be maintained and pumped on a 5 year schedule.  Some but not all localities have set up programs to monitor and conform to these guidelines.  The Septic Doctor understands that your time is valuable and because of this we make the proper notifications so that you don’t need to.  We also know that cleanliness is important and strive to make our work as clean as possible.

The Septic Doctors are Here to Help

Our experts have all the skills to offer you comprehensive septic service in Chesterfield, Richmond, and most surrounding counties. We offer prompt and professional service, expert assessments, planned solutions, cutting-edge tools and techniques so we are sure to address all of your septic needs.

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